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You're trying to improve the style of your home but aren't sure if area rugs from a Clive, Iowa store are a good choice for your needs. Thankfully, these high-quality flooring options can provide you with an excellent upgrade to your home's look and fashion, as long as you keep these considerations in mind before installation.                                                                    

Take the Size Into Account                                       

When installing area rugs into any room of your house, you need to make sure that the size of the carpet and the room are congruent. This process is one that can take a little bit of finagling to ensure you don’t buy a rug that is too big for a room or one that is too small. The trick here is to find a balance between the sizes that work for your needs and which provides a high-quality style.


For example, you may buy a rug that is too small and make your room appear a bit strange. A good rug should fit underneath of your key pieces of furniture, at least the first few legs of each furniture piece. Without this type of coverage, your room is going to appear much smaller than you may want and will look awkward. It can also make your furniture appear too large for the room, too.


That said, you should also avoid buying a rug that is too big and awkwardly covers most of your floor. Simply put, your rug should contrast with the floor to create a style, not completely cover up the look and fashion of your original flooring. The balance here can often be quite frustrating if you have a vast room because you're likely to choose a rug that is much too big.


As a result, you may want to consider purchasing multiple area rugs for very large rooms. Typically, you should provide at least 10-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the rug and the walls, so keep that in mind when buying your rugs. Try to create unique patterns and colors with your carpets to make them more appealing. Be creative, but don't clash too much or you'll end up with a room that is unattractive to most people.                                                          

Rug Style and Patterns                                           

Beyond the size of your area rugs, you also need to keep the style and pattern in consideration before you purchase. Think of your carpets as pieces of art – like paintings or sculptures – and use them playfully and creatively. The most crucial step here is to make sure that the color of the rug matches your room and the floor in a way that doesn't cause any difficulties.


For example, if you have a redwood floor, a red rug is probably a bad idea because it will blend in too much with the carpet. However, yellow and orange are also a bit gauche because they will look too similar to the rug as well. Instead, you should try to add a contrasting color – such as a sharp and light blue – to make your rug a more attractive and eye-catching addition to your home's room.


Just as importantly, you need to pay attention to the patterns on the rugs to make their style even more immersive. For example, you may want to utilize rugs with bold and sharp patterns to help bring a little life to a dull area of a house. However, you should also make sure that you take into account other elements, such as the size of the room, before you decide on patterns.


Simply put, a room in an unusual shape is typically a little trickier and may require you to go the square carpet route. These squares allow you to adapt your rugs to the look and the feel of the room in a more complete and accurate way. Cut the squares to shapes that accentuate the unique shape of the room and nail them down to create a room that is hard to top and attractive to your friends.                                                                  

Necessary Maintenance                                           

Lastly, you need to fully understand how to maintain your area rug after placing one in your home. These rugs can last for generations if you are smart with your maintenance and take the proper cleaning and repair steps. However, you need to make sure that you know the appropriate support for your rug type. The different fibers can change the process slightly, but a few basic steps are almost always necessary.


For example, you need to make sure that you take your rugs outside at least once a month to shake them out. If you don't, they'll collect a large amount of dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Even worse, they could develop mold if the water is allowed to sit on them for too long. So make sure that you always dry off your rugs either in the sun or by hand if you have to wash them with water.


Just as importantly, you need to take your rugs to a professional cleaner instead of doing this process on your own. While you might think that you have the skills to clean a carpet without difficulty properly, this fact is typically not the case. Most people don't fully understand the maintenance needs of a rug and are likely to use too much water or inappropriate soap when trying to clean them.                                                                    

Carpet Cost                                        

Lastly, you need to keep in mind how much your rug is likely to cost after installation. Usually, you want to try to find a good balance between an inexpensive option and one that has a high-quality design. This process isn't as hard as you might think if you take the time to do a little shopping.


For example, many antique rug shops have inexpensive rug options that may have a few problems that you can pay to repair. These rugs typically produce a very unique style that makes them an excellent choice for many. Even better, you can buy inexpensive rugs and add decorative elements to enhance their style.


The possibilities are endless if you are creative with your area rugs and take the time to fully understand their unique styles. Don't hesitate to reach out to a professional if you feel like this task is beyond you or if you don't have what it takes to choose the best rugs for your home and your decorative needs.                                                               

We Can Help You                                               

So if you're interested in area rugs in Clive, Iowa and aren't sure where to turn, please contact us at Flooring America today to learn more. Our Clive location features the same high-quality carpets standard throughout all of our facilities and the same friendly and accurate installation service.